My First Master Cleanse Journey and What I Learned About Colon Cleansing

I wrote this article because I found something that works. It describes what I what I discovered about the master cleanse process and the lemonade diet. It also explains what I did, my experiences along the way, and my personal results.

It was quite a journey I had before I came across master cleanse, so its best I start at the beginning as it was not easy to say the least. I had been trying to lose weight for the past five years, and I did succeed to some extent, but keeping it of was the problem for me.

I felt as if I had tried almost every popular diet out there. So many fad diets claim to be the special one that will control weight and reveal a joyful life. The truth is that I don’t want to have to worry about my health and weight any more.

However, the claims of the latest diets simply aren’t true. I had even begun to notice a pattern. Once I lost weight following the advice of the latest so-called “experts,” not only did I end up gaining the weight back, but also added an extra few pounds. I was in a downward spiral and knew I must do something about it.

At this point, I was sick of this pattern as you can probably imagine.

Daring to Make Changes for a Better Life

Nevertheless, instead of giving up I was determined to find a way that not only enabled me to stay at a healthy weight but to stay healthy at the same time. I soon realized that the diets I had been on weren’t doing my body any favors in the first place. Worse, I felt as if a veil had lifted and realized, after much study and research, that I was doomed to failure unless I changed my thinking.

So what changes did I make?

Well instead of buying even more “diet” books, I decided to start studying health books. I knew I needed to educate myself about what is good for my body. I looked for solid science and proven results as means to improve my health.

Even more, the allure of quick but temporary weight loss now seemed nonsensical. I felt as if I had been the yo-yo for believing in fads. I needed something better – something much, much better.

The Power of Change

Once armed with knowledge, I was shocked to realize the extent of the damage I was doing to my body on a daily basis.

I learned that the processed foods I had been eating over the years were building up a terrible backlog of toxins and waste. Since I had not been feeling the best for the last few years, it made perfect sense. I had been feeling tired, hungry, restless, and could not sleep through the night. It felt like I was aging quickly, before my time.

I decided I needed to find a way to flush all of these toxins out of my body. I wanted to get my energy back and, most of all, my health. The funny thing is that the journey I was on quickly began to shift.

My health became my number one priority, and the great thing about this is that if you are healthy, you will lose weight. They go hand in hand so I was delighted to realize this through personal experience.

With this new knowledge fresh on my mind, I came across the master cleanse diet. Immediately it made sense because of my growing desire to flush away the toxins that accumulated in my body and begin leading a healthier life. After all, it is all natural and easily included in my schedule.

Things I Knew I Must Do

One of the first things I noticed about it that it was great for me because it was so affordable. What I needed in order to get started was very cheap and, honestly, I think it would be cheap for almost anybody. I was also able to get all of the ingredients at my local supermarket, which was a great bonus as well.

I did not need to take extra time out to go find the necessary ingredients. That would have been very annoying and I’m too busy for that. Lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup are the ingredients. Mix them together in the correct proportions and drink them according to a schedule. The proper proportions and timing are very important. Even the water you use is important.

I was fine with the maple syrup and lemon but did not feel confident about drinking cayenne pepper. To my surprise, it tasted fine. I even started to enjoy the drink towards the end as it became refreshing. It also clearly reminded me of my goal. I was taking care of my body and making healthier choices, which was a great association for my mind to make.

Since drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day was not easy at the beginning I just had to keep reminding myself why I was on the cleanse in the first place, and that was because it would cleanse my muscles, glands and cells of the toxins my body accumulated over the years.

I truly believe that stress, processed foods, especially fast foods and chips, all combined to build up a high level of toxins in my body. I have proof of this. I smelled toxins seeping from my pours. It is a little strange.

It Was Time to Get Real

Over the years, I ate far too many “bad” foods and justified a few nonsensical bad habits. I told myself that this was a necessary part of my career. This is simply not true because anyone, regardless of job, career or schedule, can follow the detox routine. All that is necessary is a desire to do so.

I stayed on the master cleanse diet for exactly 15 days. People may stay on the detox routine anywhere from 10 days to three months, and of course, for me, it was difficult at first and there were plenty of days where I wanted to reach for chocolate.

I’m glad I didn’t. Detoxification is one of those things that when you are done you are glad you did. I was proud because I finally knew I was the right path, a path that made sense long-term.

The routine was completely worth it, as I felt great at the end. In fact, next time I plan to stay on detox for 20 days. This is because of all of the positive reviews and the scientific background I read. I then compared what the experts predicted to my own personal results. There it was before my eyes. I not only confirmed that it works, my results were above average.

What to Expect

It is no surprise that natural detox has become so popular with people in the know. Beyonce Knowles even does it. I was pleased to share my information and personal results with friends so that, if they feel they may want to try it, they too can know how good it feels to shed unwanted toxins and pounds.

I must admit the main reason they wanted to do it in the first place was because they noticed the weight I had lost, which was 8 pounds. Over two weeks I thought and they thought too that this was great. I truly believe that part of that was hidden chemical build up, in addition to the fat I lost. I felt the toxins leaving then and still feel much better now.

Some people will not enjoy the process. It will take a little getting used to at first. I stuck to it and I am so glad I did. You just decide to do it and jump in, that’s all.

I enjoy fitting into my skinny-jeans again with room to spare, but this is only one of many benefits of the whole process. This process led me to a far healthier lifestyle and made me acutely aware of the effects that poor food choices have on my body. Because of this, I have made a conscious decision to incorporate regular walking into my weekly routine.

Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

Right now, I walk for 45 minutes at least three times a week. I plan to use the lemonade diet three times a year. In addition, just in case I gather unwanted toxins in body, I might detox more often.

I feel strongly that it is important to keep toxins to a minimum. I want to improve my immune system, prevent sickness, and maintain my weight. The master cleanse has been around for years, but I did not know about it. Few companies advertise natural cures or home remedies.

I believe my lack of knowledge is not an accident. After all, you do not need a doctor’s permission or a special prescription drug. If fact, it gets rid of the toxins that many doctors fail to warn you about and eliminates the need for the expensive (and perhaps dangerous) drugs they prescribe. You can be much healthier without them.

This is especially important to me to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. I would much rather be drug and toxin free for a fraction of the cost of being “average” and putting up with the problems I had.

Exactly What I Did and How I Got Started

The lemon detox diet is definitely here to stay for a very long time. It endured for thousands of years and will — no doubt — endure for many more to come. This is true because it makes so much sense for anyone who wants to live a strong and healthy life.

The book I read about Master Cleanse was a great help. It helped me understand the process, know what to do, know what to expect, and provided the proper proportions and timing. These are all essential to get the best results. Of course, when your health is concerned, you want the best possible results.

I fully recommend master cleanse and the lemon detox diet. The problem is the many imposters out there that claim to be the one. Some will work but many will not because the ingredients, proportions, timing, and recommendations are simply wrong. I found out this by reviewing many forums and blogs. Experience can go a long way when weeding out the imposters.

The book I trust because it worked for me is titled “Master Cleanse Secrets” so I put in a link below it you want to get more information about it. You can even get a free newsletter with tips and advice from people with years of experience.

Here is a quick summary of a few things that were important to me about the book:

  • The price is $27 US and comes with a 60-day guarantee, so it is very affordable.
  • It tells you everything to do and expect, down to the foods you can and cannot eat and the right water to use.
  • It also has beauty tips for better, glowing skin if you are interested.
  • It explains common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.
  • It explains water secrets. It is important for eliminating toxic build up.
  • You get the best recipe and tips for a complete colon cleansing.
  • You will find some interesting life-strategies to help maintain a beautiful, pure and natural life.

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